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For instance I have a psp 1001 PHAT with CFW 6.60 pro B-9. I have CXMB, REMOTE JOY LITE, PASSWORDLOCK. PRN, and CWcheat. PSP Cheats/Codes This guide will show you how to set up a cheat plugin on your PSP. i have a psp 1004 or 1001 and firmware 6.39 me-9 i tried tempar I am using 6.60 C2 PRO CWCheats will load on PSP ISOs as well. How To Install LC/HEN Firmware Tutorial For All PSP® Models. 6.60 LME-1.8. This LCFW 1: Custom Firmware Extender v3.1 3.90 to 6.60 support description. Author: 57: CWCHEAT v0.2.3 6.20 to 6.60 support description. Authors.

This is the New Custom Firmware (CFW) 6.60PRO B-10 for all PSP Models. This is a Light CFW (LCFW) so this will work on PSP 3000 and Go. PSP 1000 and. Aug 24, 2011 Listed in: Homebrew Applications, News Tags: 620 pro, 635 pro, 639 pro, 660 pro, Coldbird, liquidzigong, psp cfw, psp custom firmware, psp. This guide I'll show you how to put Cwcheat on a HACKED psp. . functions Recovery menu---- the menu that appears when holding R trigger when booting psp CFW----Abbreviation for custom firmware CWCheat - 4PDA. Удерживая "Правый прозрачный триггер" включаешь PSP и Проверял установку на прошивке 6.60 МЕ-1.1.

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