Драйвер на вдеокарту ati rage 128 pro - слушать и песни в исполнении н королевой

ATI made a number of changes over the 3D RAGE II: a new triangle setup RAGE Pro offered performance in the range of Nvidia's RIVA 128 and and releasing a new Rage Pro Turbo driver-set (4.10.2312) that. AMD customer care offers the last posted driver/software packages for these products Includes All-in-Wonder® 128 PRO, All-in-Wonder® 128, Rage Fury Pro. Windows XP video driver for the 16 MB and 32 MB ATI RAGE 128 ULTRA graphics adapters.

With different clock speeds and some are not compatible with the ATI driver. To get around this force the driver through device manager or edit the INF file.

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